Review 2014 & Preview 2015



I find it interesting to evaluate projects over the course of a year.  Some came out well and got posted. Others…not so well. They ended up in the reject file. But whether the projects pass or fail, I always learn from them.

A few projects I loved doing this past year and my goals for 2015:

1. This past year I managed to find an old fireplace mantel in upstate New York. And for months, I indulged myself with all kinds of fun, colorful ideas using it. Goal for 2015- A collection of simple mantel displays that don’t require tearing up my whole house for props.

2. This past year I finally pushed the button and went public with my photography blog ‘Louped.’ It’s been a work in progress both technically and creatively. Goal for 2015- Travel and see new places/ people through the camera lens.

3. This past year I spent time researching photographers’ work that inspired me. Kayla was willing to pose based on a Eudora Welty’s image. Goal for 2015- Use other inspirations as a spring board for my own work.

4. This past year I photographed and styled several fashion shoots using friends like Hillary. Goal for 2015- I’d like to squeeze in a few more of these.

5. This past year was number 8 for my blog Nibs. I can’t believe I’m still actively writing and photographing here. Goal for 2015- Continue to experiment and do the best  work I can despite the risk of failure. Most importantly…relax and enjoy where the artistic journey takes me.

Here’s a (belated) toast to a new year on Nibs. I hope you’ll join me.

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    1. Hi BJ- I’ve always been a goal oriented person…(not that I always achieve them). As a kid my dad would sit me down every year to write out goals. I’ve saved some of them which are funny to look at now. ;)

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