What Goes Around…

…Comes Around.


Get playful with your classics by adding something sporty like sweats, a hoodie, colorful sneakers, athletic socks and/or hat.

Fashion details- Vintage hoodie, Calvin Klein tweed coat with tab collar, Gap khaki shorts and Screamer hat (top left). Michael Kors trench coat, J.Crew short sleeve sweatshirt & floral skirt, Loft white shirt, Nike socks, Goodwill oxford shoes and Lost/Found hat (top right). Ralph Lauren corduroy peacoat, University t-shirt, DKNY skirt, Nike sneakers and Gap Kids hat (bottom left). Express coat, little league baseball shirt, model’s own sweat pants, Adidas sneakers and LLBean cap (bottom right).

(Photos & Styling- Martha Browne. Assist- Margot. Model- Danielle)

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