Garden Tours

Gudrun Sjödén latest clothing collection is inspired by three types of gardens and the people that work in them.


Community Gardener– eco-cotton top, ‘field’ linen wrap skirt, linen/cotton twill pants, microknit pantyhose and canvas shoes


Roof Gardener– linen/cotton tunic over linen/cotton dress, pants, high-top sneakers and leather cellphone pouch.


Home Gardener- cotton cardigan, spandex tank top, eco-cotton bib overalls and boots.

And look what came in the mail today-


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7 thoughts on “Garden Tours

      1. They’re really nice and I can imagine the personalities of different gardeners in them – the rooftop one would really be my big girl’s choice.

  1. Hi Martha, I never thought of clothing and the personality of the gardener. I personally just wear grubs. Knowing the green thumb you have, what is your gardening attire?

    1. Ann- I guess the one thing I really like to wear for gardening (other than old jeans, shirt and sneakers) is an apron. I slip my pruners in its front pocket. :)

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