Repurpose- Placemat

It’s so much fun to repurpose something. Here a simple woven placemat from West Elm becomes a chair pad in minutes.


Note- Placemats are sold online as a set. But I was able to purchase just one for under $6 at the store.


Placemat, fabric, 2 breadwrapper twist ties and a pair of scissors.


1. Poke a twist tie end into a corner of the placemat. Do the same with the second twist tie.

2. Then take your material and cut strips of 2″ wide x 27″ long (or longer if you prefer). Note- I tore my strips leaving the edges uneven and frayed.

3. Attach each fabric strip (at it’s midpoint) to the twist ties.

4. Put strips through the back of the chair and secure with a knot.

(Styling & Photo- © 2014 Martha Browne)

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