1 Pink Coat Worn 3 Ways

If you think a pink coat is only for romantic dressing…think again. Pink is the new, hardworking neutral on the block. It looks great with black, brown or pastels. Margot and I took one thrifted pink pea coat and gave Danielle three different ways to wear it.


Fashion details- A slate-gray fitted ski jacket toughens up the classic pink coat. Hand knit hat, snowflake patterned gloves and nose ring (worn through out) completes the look.


Layering a mix of textures- pale pink silk shirt, vintage printed fair isle sweater, fur scarf and tweedy newsboy cap… adds an unexpected, fun twist.


Powder blue and bright orange with pink? You bet. It works here because the multicolored granny square knit scarf ties the colors together.

(Photos- ©2014 Martha Browne. Styling- Martha B. & Margot K.)


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