Woman Photographer- Eudora Welty


“…I’m sure the photographs taught me about perception and technique, but the lessons were not in the abstract. Some perceptions of the world transmitted itself and one habit of observation shaded into the other, just because in both cases, writing and photography, you were trying to portray what you saw, and truthfully. Portray life, living people, as you saw them. And a camera could catch that fleeting moment, which is what a short story, in all its depth, tries to do. If it’s sensitive enough, it catches the transient moment…”- Eudora Welty from a 1989 interview in her book ‘Eudora Welty Photographs.’


Here It Comes/ Jackson, Mississippi/ 1930s (first image)

Delegate/Jackson, Mississippi/ 1938 (second image)


2 thoughts on “Woman Photographer- Eudora Welty

  1. What an amazing quote for me because I am not a writer, but I do like to take photographs (I am not yet a photographer) and see the connection between writing and photography based on what Eudora Welty said here. This quote makes me want to get a camera and start taking photographs again. How is that for inspiration!!!!

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