Learning To See

I love poking around ebay to find images that are initially intriguing. Later I examine them more carefully. All in an effort to see better.


#12. A Story- My aunt and uncle lived all their lives in a small coastal town in Maine. Uncle Mike had been injured during the war and was only able to do odd jobs. They were a childless couple, so time was mostly spent keeping their cape tidy and lavishing attention on their dog ‘Hasty’ as in hasty pudding. All was peaceful and predictable. Then somewhere along the line Aunt Edna decided to go into the antique business. She soon became a regular fixture at estate sales and junk shops. Her stash began to pile up in the porch of the house. My uncle was none too happy to have his home disrupted. He remained quiet though…that is until Aunty got involved in selling the stuff at local antique fairs. That meant every Saturday he reluctantly got up early (with a lot of audible grumbling) to load the car. This was all done before breakfast made by his wife. One particular weekend, after packing the car, Uncle Mike came in for his usual hot coffee and eggs. On the kitchen table was a box of cereal and a bowl. Well…that did it. He called out wanting to know where his breakfast was. My aunt appeared in her sweater and hat ready to leave. “Don’t you see it there, Mike?” She pointed to the Cornflakes. As a child I always asked her what happened after this. She would only smile and say, “He got to like Cornflakes.”

A good image should suggest a story…even a made up one. :)

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