(Photo- © 2013 Martha Browne)


2 thoughts on “10-10

  1. I had to limit my comment period on my blog to a week because of a sudden rash of pretty bad spam. I’ve been trying to catch up with your blog but since I can’t post on the older things just want to say how many great ideas, images etc. you have as always. Find myself doing more lurking and less commenting but wanted to say hi. I want to dress myself in that men’s wear for girls back to school look and I have that issue of WoI with that great entrance blocked off. That whole place was wonderful as I recall. Also love the photo of your son and can’t believe how grown up he must be. Do you know the work of photographer August Sander? Think you would like him esp. his pix of workers.

    1. Hi Linda- Thanks for stopping by Nibs and your comments. I miss our longer blog/email chats, too. Life has been hectic here with everyone’s school and work schedules. In my free time, I try to create things for the blog and do my photography. Appreciate your words of encouragement regarding both of these.

      That issue of WOI is a good one. I remember reading it at Barnes & Noble but didn’t buy it…big regret! I keep hoping to spot it on eBay.

      Curt is growing up fast. He recently hit a major growth spurt and now looks down on me! :)

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