Book- ‘American Family Style’

Have you ever noticed how quickly some interior design books become dated? Within a year or two they’re no longer relevant. Usually because the decors pictured are trying so hard to be funky or hip. That’s fine if you’re after a quick fix. But ‘American Family Style‘ by Mary Randolph Carter isn’t that kind of book. The content and images are much more thoughtful. I think it has to do with the Carter family’s deeply-felt personal style which thankfully has nothing to do with what’s current or trendy. Published in 1988, it is and remains a wonderful resource. If you haven’t gotten this book for your design library yet…you should.


The book is divided into the four seasons- Fall, Winter, Spring, Summer. It offers a year’s worth of decorating tips, garden advice, craft ideas and family recipes.


(Photos- flea market braided rug c. 1800s and fresh Thanksgiving greens by Mary Randolph Carter)

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