WSJ- Famous People & Their Favorite Things


We all have things that we’d never part with. Not so much because they’re expensive and valuable. Although that can happen. But the things I’m talking about are the ones with sentimental value. Those special books, paintings, photographs, toys, etc. that we’ve held onto for years. Strangely enough, they reveal a lot about us and our personalities. I suppose that’s why I’m fascinated by the section ‘Objects of Affection’ of the Wall Street Journal Magazine. In each issue they publish a well known person and their favorite things.


L’Wren Scott (intro) Sofia Coppola (top left), Grace Coddington (top right), Carolina Herrear (bottom left), and Alexandra Cousteau (bottom right),


Paul G. Allen (top left), Alexander Wang (top right), David de Rothschild (bottom left) and George Lois (bottom right).