Theatre Design- Street Scenes

I purchased the used book ‘The New York Stage, 1883-1939’ mainly for the interesting black/white photographs of over a hundred set designs. Take a look at a few I picked out showing street scenes (click images to enlarge)


An actual apartment house at 25 West 65 Street was duplicated for the production of ‘Street Scene’ by Elmer Rice c. 1929. Such a wonderful image, too. I love how the crowd, even the people looking out the various windows, fills out the picture frame.


The play ‘Dynamo’ by Eugene O’Neill c. 1929 follows two main characters…each in their own cutaway homes. This set reminds me of a  real dollhouse and Philip Johnson’s glass house.


Have you ever watched the black/white series ‘The Naked City?’ Much of it was filmed at actual locations in New York. Maxwell Anderson’s play ‘Winterset’ c. 1935 has a Naked City feel to it. Here the script called for the Brooklyn end of the bridge.