Family Life- Childhood To Manhood

I’m redoing my son’s bedroom this summer. I began the project by erasing his kindergarten artwork from the chalk board painted border. As I brushed off the drawings… I felt a sudden tinge of sadness. Has it been over ten years since he stood on a ladder to do these? It seems like yesterday.


Curt is 17 now and away for the whole summer training as a guide at a camp for boys. Part of his training includes being certified in WFA (Wilderness First Aid) CPR and Red Cross/Life Guard. That means getting up at 5 am to run several miles and do distance swimming…all before breakfast! :) He just spent two weeks bushwacking (no trails) and climbing the High Peaks of New York.


Oh..sure…I’ll always miss certain aspects of Curt being a child, but they’re quickly eclipsed by watching him become a young man.

 (Photos- Martha B.)

Making A Child’s Room Their Own

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Artwork By Curtis

My Son’s Journal