Our Garden Shed- Part Two


It’s fun hearing people’s first reaction when they enter our garden shed. They’re always pleasantly surprised. I love that. Inside this 8′ x 12′ space, I managed to fit a sink, desk, wicker chair, shelving and even a cot for napping.

By the way, that’s my friend Danielle hanging out in the shed.



1. Lumber- I chose to leave the rough cut planks exposed. Over time they will darken.

2. Sink- Directly behind Danielle is an old cast iron sink that I had stored under our front porch for ten years. It now has a home!

3. Shelves- A simple floor-to-ceiling pine bookshelf holds clay pots, watering cans, etc.

4. Stool- My father-in-law made this metal stool. It’s the perfect height for sitting and working at the sink.

5. Collectibles- Some things I’ve had for years (books, fruit boxes, tools, McCoy pottery, framed plant) and some things I’ve recently purchased (plates and hand towels).

6. Cot- I bought this World War ll era cot last year without a clear idea of how I was going to use it. But once the shed was built I knew I wanted it in there.



0. Table- Although not exactly what I envisioned, this table functions pretty well. It has an enamel top which is water proof and easy to keep clean. Plus it wasn’t a bad price- only $25! The metal lamp came from Pier 1.

1. Chair- An old wicker one from my parents. I used to sit in it as a kid.

2. Hats- My collection of garden hats hang from deer antlers.

3. Tools- Right now some of my tools are stored in a wooden barrel. Later they’ll be on the outside of the shed.

4. Plants- I love plants! Some I’ve put in clay pots and others I’ve suspended from the ceiling cross pieces using black rod iron S-hooks. This green ceramic container is from Anthropologie.

5. Burlap Bag- A West Elm bag is great for holding potting soil.

6. Straw- Two bales of straw for the vegetable beds. It’s a handy spot for my sheers and pruners, too.

(Photos & Design- © 2013 Martha Browne)


5 thoughts on “Our Garden Shed- Part Two

  1. Your garden shed is wonderful, Martha, just wonderful. So inviting and homey and peaceful and purposeful. You and your team did a fine job!

    1. Thanks, BJ. I reworked the furniture floor plan several times til it felt right. I also wanted the interior to feel layered and imperfect…like it had been used for years. I’ll pass on your compliments to the rest of the team (Scott, Daniel and Curtis).

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