Our Garden Shed- Part One


Our garden shed looks and feels like it’s always been part of the century old landscape. But it’s less than a year old.



1. Plan– I went through lots of shed ideas and pictures to come up with my simple sketch. I kept the size small…8′ x 12′ to keep from having to apply for building permits. The plan also had to fit my salvage finds- an old door and three windows.

2. Location– I knew the general location of the shed…but there were several things to consider. What would we see from the gate and from the shed? What about the view from the house? It took some time to sort out these issues.

No footings were poured. The shed sits on cement blocks.

3-5. Lumber- I chose rough cut timber for the framing (2 x 4’s), wall/ceiling planks and floor (all 1 x 10’s). It was purchased at a lumber mill in upstate New York. This was such a headache- truck rental, four-five hour drive, finding the mill, etc. My suggestion- shop locally!



1. Three Layers-  Interior rough cut planks, on top of that 1/2″ plywood and finally cedar shakes. The shakes are done in a design (3″/7″) matching the existing house and garage.

2. Foundation- A metal grill was placed at ground level to keep out pesky animals. I piled field stones to cover it. I wanted to take pictures of the area exposed for this post. Later I will fill it in with more foundation plants.

3. Concrete Step- A pair of pavers were recycled to create the step. They sit on top of two pieces of 4 x 4 pressure treated lumber.

4 & 5. Salvage Materials– Our friends gave us two narrow windows, one large (6  over 1) window, and a screen door. Amazingly enough, they all worked together design wise.

I decided to place all the windows at one end of the shed- the part that gets the most sunlight. The other section of the shed (has no windows) is used for shelving and a sink.

6. Exposed Rafter Tails– No gutters allow for exposed rafter tails that match the garage. It was tricky getting these to look right with the door and window trim.



1. Decorative Trim- Finger jointed primed boards (1 x 4’s)

2. Roof Pitch- Initially I was going to have the roof pitch match the garage but this didn’t work out. I chose to go with 10 on 12 (this means for every foot it goes up 10 inches).

3. Fixture- Most antique barns and outer buildings used cage lights. This one I found on ebay.

4. Window– Salvage window with trim and drip cap mimics our old house. By the way…the antique bottles help deter birds from hitting the glass.

5. Future Planting design- I’ve been playing with the idea of a flowering vine or climbing roses in this location. Right now it’s just morning glory (Grandpa Ott) trailing up some chicken wire.


A list of the paint colors I used.

The back exterior wall of the shed will have a place to hang garden tools. I’m still working on it but when finished I’ll update here with an image.

08/2014-  We finally got the tools up! :)


Thank you to my husband Scott, son Curtis and our friend Daniel for all their labor in making my dream shed a reality. :)

(Photos & Design- © 2013 Martha Browne)


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    1. Thanks, Ann. I love it, too. I had a friend over to check it out and he remarked how in keeping it is with the house and yard…which was my number one goal.

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