Book- ‘The Wooden Horse’

There’s something fascinating about a story that features the details of an escape- the idea, the gathering of materials and then putting it into action.

‘The Wooden Horse’ has all of that. Set during World War ll, this true story follows a group of prisoners bent on getting out of a German camp. Other attempts had been made only to end in failure.

The men devise a daring scheme to build a vaulting horse and use it to camouflage an under ground tunnel. The first half of the book deals with the construction of the ‘horse‘ and the nerve-wracking escape. But getting out of the camp was the least of their worries. The rest of the book reveals new problems while still behind enemy lines.

‘The Wooden Horse’ by Eric Williams is a novel based on his escape and was published in 1949.

(Photos- Movie stills from ‘The Wooden Horse,’ 1950)

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