Garden Note #84: Sweet Potato Vine


At long last! After weeks of waiting, my sweet potato vine finally sprouted. It has a ways to go before I can transplant it. So, for now, it’s on a kitchen window sill getting plenty of sunlight.


1. You can find sweet potatoes at most grocery stores or farmer’s markets.

2.  Cut off the bottom tip…about an inch or so. This is the part that will be submerged in water.

3. Find a glass container (this one from Anthropologie works great) that the potato can easily fit into.

4. Insert three wooden skewers about a third of the way down the potato. Snip off excess wood with garden pruners.

5. Put the potato in the glass and fill it almost to the brim with water.

6. Let potato sit out of direct sunlight and don’t forget to maintain the water level. When it begins to sprout leaves, move the glass to a nice, sunny location.

(Photo- © 2013  Martha Browne)