A Small House

I came across this small house, measuring a mere 20′ x 27′ downstairs with a half-story bedroom, on the pages of House & Gardens Magazine (1980’s). The dilapidated mess sat on the real estate market until it was bought by Joel Dean of the famed Dean & DeLuca shops. Dean’s old friend and business associate Jack Ceglic came to the rescue with some great decorating ideas.


The enclosed porch (above) had front facing windows that Ceglic relocated to the sides. A bold design move that provided much needed privacy and noise barrier yet still maintained an inviting exterior.


The mudroom, at the back of the house, retains its original wainscott. The ceiling however is new. Black and white Kentile covers the entire first floor. One continuous pattern can make a small space feel bigger.


This view is from the kitchen into the dining room. The vintage stove c.1920’s was found in the house. Not seen in the photo, is a long stainless steel counter serving as a prep area.


Clean lined chairs/table by J.J.P. Oud for Ecart join a large upholstered piece at the dining table. Note the absence of a chandelier and framed pictures for the walls. They would be nothing more than visual clutter.


The removal of a wall has now created a larger living room. A pair of simple, white muslin covered sofas mirror each other (above & below). Several tiny tables are a space saving option.


(Photos- House & Garden Magazine)


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