Endpapers #7

“Before mass printing in the 20th century it was common for the endpapers of books to have paper marbling. Sometimes the endpapers were used for maps or other relevant information. They are the traditional place for bookplates or owner’s inscription.”- Wikipedia


The book ‘Blueberry Corners’ published in 1940 is special- it belonged to my mother as a girl. Mom loved the author Lois Lenski‘s stories and her quaint pen & ink illustrations. Shown here is a sample of the endpapers.

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4 thoughts on “Endpapers #7

  1. I can understand why your Mom liked her artwork….so do I! So, the book that once belonged to your Mom is now in your possession? How special!

  2. These endpapers are so interesting. Sometimes I go to secondhand bookstores to find old hardbound books (because I like collecting hardbounds) with endpaper details, like maps and illustrations. I think they are a real keeper.

    1. Hi Rouenna- I love endpapers, too. Like book covers, they can give a wonderful clue as to what’s between the pages. I’ve come across quite a few that I can also see as wallpaper…like this one.

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