Two Covers


Interesting how these two magazine covers, ‘Laura Ashley Home Furnishings Spring 1985’ and ‘The World of Interiors March 2013’, used the artist easel as the focal point. Also note the similar layout of white borders and classic fonts.


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5 thoughts on “Two Covers

  1. I had the Kleenex box cover in this print, and I just gave it to Sydney! Even found pink tissues.  M


    1. Rouenna- Yes…I love old magazines and do have quite a stash of Laura Ashley catalogs. I have set several aside to scan for future posts…:)

  2. Before I viewed the magazine cover below, the Laura Ashley reminded me of today’s bright prints that are popular. I guess there are “classic” or “traditional” photo layouts that never go out of style…like some traditional style of clothes.

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