Decorating@Nibs- Nesting Instinct

A tiny hallway between our living room and den got a spring update. I simply removed pages from the book ‘America’s Other Audubon‘ by Joy M. Kiser and mounted them on one wall.



1. Cut out book pages & clean up any ragged edges with an exacto knife/metal ruler.

2. Arrange the pages on the floor to get an idea for placement. I started in one corner because I wanted as many full pages as I could fit on the wall. Otherwise, I recommend beginning at the center and work outwards.

3. Instead of wallpaper paste, I used Krylon’s Easy-Tack. A mistake in hanging…no problem. Just peel off the page and try again.

(Styling & photo- © 2013 Martha Browne)

Note- If you decide you like this idea and want the pages adhered to the wall rather than Easy-Tacked…try Roman Pro-880 Ultra Clear Strippable Wallpaper Adhesive. Apply evenly with a 3″ foam brush. Press into place and remove air bubbles using a clean cloth. A damp sponge will remove any excess glue left on the pages. Just remember to wipe gently…don’t scrub. 


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