Jewelry Box



Note- Photographer Volkmar Wentzel (1915- 1985) was born in Dresden. Later, in 1926, he and his parents migrated to the United States. After the sudden death of his mother in 1932, life became difficult with a stoic father and a series of housekeepers. At the height of the Depression, Wentzel left home with no ideas or plans for the future. He did manage to find a room in Washington, D.C. and a job at a portrait studio mixing photographic solutions. Inspired to create his own work, he roamed city streets at night taking images in black and white. He printed his own pictures and took them to the offices of the National Geographic Society. He spent the next 48 years traveling the world and photographing for the magazine.

I love Wentzel’s photo of this girl from Angola. There is a mute understanding that she has very little income… and yet like all women still seeks beauty even in a humble safety pin.

Updated: 4/16/2013- Gold filled wire shaped into an abstract safety pin from Early Jewelry.



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