Christmas Craft #21: Printed Envelope Card

The inspiration for this Christmas card comes from old airmail letters where the message was written on the inside of the envelope.

You need-

1. Scrapbook pages (cardstock weight is best)- Michaels

2. Red stickers– School or stationary supply stores

3. Snippet of pine

4. Scissors, hole punch, pencil, red pen, glue stick


Take an envelope and carefully open it up all the way. This will be your pattern piece. Using your pattern, trace in pencil the outline onto a sheet of printed paper (mine shows wintertime pine trees). Cut it out. Make folds where necessary. Write your letter in red ink.

Take a separate sheet of white paper and do a simple holiday greeting. Cut that out and punch a small hole at the end. Slip this through the pine stem.

Seal envelope with a red sticker. (Apply extra glue to sticker if needed).

For the front of the envelopes use white labels to write friend’s name and address.

(Styling & Photos- Martha B.)

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