Christmas Craft #20: Milkweed Pod Ornament

Milkweed Pod Ornament

You need-

1. Milkweed pods. (Check your local florist, craft store or Etsy. I got mine from a neighbor’s garden.)

2. Scraps of fabric

3. HO Scale deer or other figurines

4. Scissors, glue stick, glue gun

5. Moss, raffia, cotton, etc. to use for the ground


Cut a piece of fabric to fit the pod. Coat the fabric with your glue stick and then press gently into place. You may have to snip the bottom and overlap the fabric to make it lay flat. Trim edges if necessary. Put a small dab of hot glue in the base of the pod for the moss and again for the deer.

(Styling & Photo- Martha B.)

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