And So It Goes

Fashion details- MSGM pink and black knit dress, James Lock + Co. beige felt hat, My Tights grey tights and  Kurt Geiger blush pink leather shoes.

(Photo- Coliena Rentmeester for Red Magazine, November 2012)

Update 9/2016– Pink velvet shoes from J.Crew.



Christmas Craft #21: Printed Envelope Card

The inspiration for this Christmas card comes from old airmail letters where the message was written on the inside of the envelope.

You need-

1. Scrapbook pages (cardstock weight is best)- Michaels

2. Red stickers– School or stationary supply stores

3. Snippet of pine

4. Scissors, hole punch, pencil, red pen, glue stick


Take an envelope and carefully open it up all the way. This will be your pattern piece. Using your pattern, trace in pencil the outline onto a sheet of printed paper (mine shows wintertime pine trees). Cut it out. Make folds where necessary. Write your letter in red ink.

Take a separate sheet of white paper and do a simple holiday greeting. Cut that out and punch a small hole at the end. Slip this through the pine stem.

Seal envelope with a red sticker. (Apply extra glue to sticker if needed).

For the front of the envelopes use white labels to write friend’s name and address.

(Styling & Photos- Martha B.)

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Short Over Long

Fashion details- a soft shirt with long sleeves and tail peek out from a cropped sweater (pictured left Trines Wardrobe ). Short sleeve knits are worn over long sleeve ones (pictured right top & bottom Thom Dolan).

Updated 3/21/2013- Short over long as worn by model Hedvig Palm. (Photo by Vanessa Jackman)


Updated 10/2013 Short sleeve sweater over long sleeve shirt with tweed skirt. All vintage Laura Ashley. (Photo- © 2013 Martha Browne)


Christmas Craft #20: Milkweed Pod Ornament

Milkweed Pod Ornament

You need-

1. Milkweed pods. (Check your local florist, craft store or Etsy. I got mine from a neighbor’s garden.)

2. Scraps of fabric

3. HO Scale deer or other figurines

4. Scissors, glue stick, glue gun

5. Moss, raffia, cotton, etc. to use for the ground


Cut a piece of fabric to fit the pod. Coat the fabric with your glue stick and then press gently into place. You may have to snip the bottom and overlap the fabric to make it lay flat. Trim edges if necessary. Put a small dab of hot glue in the base of the pod for the moss and again for the deer.

(Styling & Photo- Martha B.)

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