Photo Diary: 10-31-2012

In the aftermath of hurricane ‘Sandy,’ local townspeople scramble to find operating gas stations to keep their home generators working.

(Photos- Martha B.)


Hurricane Sandy

Nibs readers,

We had a long, terrible Monday night with hurricane ‘Sandy.’ The howling wind was the worst I’ve ever heard. It went on for hours. All we could do was stay in our house and cringe at the sound of snapping trees. Sirens screamed all night long. By Tuesday morning our town looked like a war zone- lots of downed trees, thousands without electricity and major flooding. As we join our neighbors in the clean up, posting here will be sporadic at best.

Warm regards,

(Photo of ‘Sandy’- NOAA-NASA GOES Project)

Updated 11/1/2012- Thanks for all your emails of concern. We’re doing fine. Despite two trees that fell on our property neither one hit the house or the garage. Like many others, we are without power. A neighbor, who still has electricity, let us run an extension cord down to his shed so we could hook up our refrigerator.

Hit The Pavement…Running!

It was the late 1980’s that women started heading off to work wearing sneakers. Most stashed their black pumps in purses, backpacks or simply left them in a desk drawer at the office. Let’s face it- high heels weren’t and still aren’t made for long, across-town hikes.

Forget white and hit the pavement in colorful sneakers. Take some fashion cues from these pages torn out of Company Street-Style Edit Magazine, Fall/Winter 2012.

New Balance trainers, Jaeger coat, Banjo & Mitilda top, Uniqueness shorts and River Island cap.

Asics trainers, Miss Selfridge coat, Adidas sweatshirt, Ganni at http://www.gannlkd  skirt and River Island cap.

JJB Sports trainers, Guess coat, Warehouse shirt, Ganni at http://www.gannlkd sweater, Tibi trousers and River Island hat.

(Photos- Jackie Dixon. Styling- Oonagh Brennan)

Note- Stylist Alice Goddard wears a combination of plaids and tights with her trainers. Photo- Vanessa Jackman.