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Photo Diary: 9-30-2012

(Photo ‘Face Painting’- Martha B.)

Photo Diary: 9-28-2012

(Photo ‘Park Closes’- Martha B.)

Vintage School Photo #8

Weekly Odds & Ends

Similar to my kitchen junk drawer, I have an online drawer that I toss my extra photographs into. It’s labeled ‘Odds & Ends.’

(Photos- Martha B.)

Photo Diary: 9-27-2012

(Photo ‘Walk This Way #14′- Martha B.)

Art Class

(Still life drawing, age 16- Martha B.)

Dorm Room #3

Vintage dorm room photo c. 1930’s.

Interior details- Yale banner, wool blanket throw, Roosevelt portrait, college sports photographs (left & right), altered chair and brass pharmacy lamp.

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