Thinking Out Loud- Maine

Ever since I was a kid and my family vacationed in Maine, I wanted to live there. The idea of finding an old home on the rocky coastline was a dream I carried for a long time. But like a lot of dreams it never happened. You know the kind I mean. The dream you have as an eight year old to become a great singer only to find out later you can’t sing in key. So…I put the dream of moving to Maine on the shelf right next to the one of being a singer.

(Photos- Ira Lippke for The New York Times)


2 thoughts on “Thinking Out Loud- Maine

  1. Yes, I know those dreams, too…the exact same ones!!! I still have the “living in Maine” dream just because… The next best thing is still being able to vacation there with wonderful family and extended family, which is much to be grateful for–and I am!

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