Vintage Vacation Photo #4


Thinking Out Loud- Maine

Ever since I was a kid and my family vacationed in Maine, I wanted to live there. The idea of finding an old home on the rocky coastline was a dream I carried for a long time. But like a lot of dreams it never happened. You know the kind I mean. The dream you have as an eight year old to become a great singer only to find out later you can’t sing in key. So…I put the dream of moving to Maine on the shelf right next to the one of being a singer.

(Photos- Ira Lippke for The New York Times)

Movie Gems

Movie Gem- ‘The Station Agent’ ( 2003)

What does a dwarf named Finn have in common with a grieving woman, a talkative Cuban and a chunky second grader? More than you might think. My husband and I watched ‘The Station Agent’ and were instantly captivated by the characters. Finn is a quiet man working in a model train store. He spends all his waking hours avoiding the stares and ridicule of people. His boss, who is his only friend, dies and leaves him an abandoned railroad station in a rural town somewhere in New Jersey. Finn walks the tracks near his new home seeking solitude however that’s not what the future holds for him. He may be short in stature but Finn has a very big heart.