A Page From…

…The World Of Interiors Magazine, May 1991.

The small kitchen of Antique dealer Peter Hinwood.

(Photo- Christopher Simon Sykes)

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2 thoughts on “A Page From…

  1. I like this kitchen area with the artwork and black and white tiles. I also viewed your “Related Nibs posts” and saw some of your handiwork I do not remember viewing before; i.e., the fireplace mantels 4&5 and some of your miniature rooms….so much fun. Really liked the #4 fireplace mantel but cannot pick a favorite as I liked all that I viewed. Thanks, Martha, once again.

    1. Hi BJ- Yes…the artwork is such a great surprise instead of the usual upper cabinets in this very compact kitchen. And I love black and white tile, too. I did it in my upstairs bathroom using white as the field tile with black accents. So classic. Glad you had fun looking at all the rest of the links. :)

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