More Small Scale Decorating #6

My friend Margot bought a vintage kitchen set for her future dollhouse project. While the dollhouse awaits construction, I got to borrow the two-toned pieces to create this setting using simple foam core walls.

My inspiration came from the pages of Martha Stewart Living Magazine, January 2012 issue (thanks, Margot for the suggestion!) showcasing a contemporary yellow & white kitchen.

Kitchen cabinets c. 1970- Tomy Toys. Foam core- Blick. Printed papers (dot walls & cork floor)– Joann’s. Four paned window frame, saucer with muffin and glass vase- The Mini Merchant.

(Photos- Martha B.)

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2 thoughts on “More Small Scale Decorating #6

  1. Love this small scale decorating. Great job, Martha, and thanks, Margot, for sharing.

  2. Beautiful!
    Nice shot with the butcher block a-tad in the foreground. !
    Love the top-less room, for a change, too. Maybe less intimate ~but really shows off the layout and furniture. Margot, nice pieces!
    Adorable, delectable… And I cannot believe how it matches the magazine!

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