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Nibs readers,

At last I’ve finished this little project. Not that it was little by any means. It started months ago with my desire to create an online wedding magazine. Well…that proved too big and too frustrating to take on. Yet I didn’t want to abandon the idea completely. I decided that a small zine was more manageable. I pulled in my good friend Margot to help me and the two of us began to brainstorm. The familiar slogan ‘Make Do And Mend’ during World War ll became our inspiration. We loved the whole concept of finding solutions by using what a person already has or by doing it inexpensively. So… we took it as our mantra. We planned, shopped and photographed to produce our very first issue of ‘Make Do & Wed.’ Enjoy! :)



(The two solid color dresses for Hope and Hillary are from a local consignment shop. Goodwill had the floral dress for Natalie. The cost- $8.00! Similar sandals can be found at shoe outlets. Woven baskets are part of Margot’s collection. Flowers- Trader Joes. Glasses- T.J. Maxx)

(Hope and Hillary’s little black dresses are from Margot’s closet. The short red dress belongs to Hillary, but is a perfect fit for Natalie’s petite frame. Assorted pearls…real and fake…are mine and Margot’s. Natalie wears Lord & Taylor’s black lace socks  and a Walgreen’s headband. Paper for purses available at Blick.)

(Hope wears a consignment strapless dress with an Urban Outfitter’s top. Hillary is in a vintage dress that Margot’s mother-in-law wore. Shoes- T.J. Maxx)


A simple rule to remember when keeping the cost down on bouquets is to use one kind of flower. You can always be creative by adding various vines and other greens from your own garden (or a friend’s garden) to fill it out. Here we used Ranunculus (above) and Tulips (below) from Trader Joe’s. Ribbon- Michael’s Craft Store. Both sets of vintage lace gloves were my mother’s.

THEN– Margot explains how she selected her bridal dress:

” What influenced my choice of a dress was my mother saying…’So, pick one!‘ But really I think it was my sister’s dress in 1972 that impressed me. Mine is very similar to hers with a high lace neck and long sleeves. I didn’t look at magazines at all and went to just two local shops in Waterbury, Conn. At the first shop I didn’t find anything. Mom and I went to the next one and I fell in love. The dress (a Victorian inspired satin gown with lace at the neck, sleeves and hemline) didn’t have to be altered since it fit like a glove. I literally bought it off the rack!”

NOW- ” When I pulled it out of a storage bag I noticed the lace right away. It had turned a tea dyed color.” This was Margot’s reaction upon seeing the condition of her dress after years of being in a closet. She invited me over to take a look since we had discussed using it for the zine. She had the dress laid out on her bed and didn’t say anything. It never occurred to me that the dress wasn’t made that way. Later Margot explained how it had been entirely white. But as we continued to look at the lace, we both realized this flaw might ultimately be to our advantage. Margot and I couldn’t be happier with the results!

(Hillary is wearing Margot’s dress with her own cluster of pearls and ribbons. Ankle boots, unseen, are mine.)


Looking for fresh ideas for your wedding day? Going through sites like ebay or flickr for old photographs can help trigger an idea or a whole bunch of ideas! See mine below by clicking the image to enlarge it.

More inspired wedding photographs#1, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6, #7, #8, #9 & #10.


Can you guess what this cake topper is made of? Scissors. That’s right…just a pair of regular scissors. This pair is on the small side that I use for embroidery. You can go larger but five inches should be your limit. Another suggestion is to find a pair where the handles have the same size opening.

Here’s how-

1. Scan your photos onto card stock.

2. Use the scissor handles as a guide to lightly trace a frame around the bride and groom. Cut them out.

3. Affix the photos to the handles with a glue stick.

4. Tie a ribbon just at the point where the handles are screwed together.

5. Take the pointed ends of the scissors and place into the cake.

*Option- Put stamped initials of the couple inside the handles.

Photography & Layouts- Martha B.

Designs & Styling- Martha B. and Margot K.

Hair & Makeup- Hope G. and Hillary H.

Models- Hope G., Hillary H. and Natalie B.


11 thoughts on “Make Do & Wed

  1. Hillary in Margo’s wedding dress ~breathtaking!!!

    And WOOOO, Natalie! :) You girls all rock!
    (Martha and Margo included!)
    Congratulations! Looking forward to the fashion show!
    um, I am calling you when I plan my wedding.

    PPS Who knew -a headband from Walgreens- ! Really? Smashing!

    1. Thanks, Carrie. When the three girls, Hope, Hillary & Natalie, came on board…it was just pure fun! :)

  2. This is all such a wonderful display of talent with all of you involved. So cool…really. I “love’ it….especially Hillary in Margo’s wedding dress in the field of wheat picking up the now color of the trim on the dress with the most beautiful blue sky behind her.

  3. Just as creative and fun as all your ideas and projects are. And Margot’s dress is wonderful with the lace a darker color. Such a different effect but equally nice. At our wedding, we put our parents’ wedding portraits on each side of our wedding cake. Both our parents were approaching their 50th anniversary and we wanted to celebrate that as well. And we used my parent’s cake topper.

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