More Small Scale Decorating #4

Remember the 12″ x 12″ box lid that I used for an outdoor dining shot? Well…here’s the rest of the box made over into a mini bathroom.

#4. Storage Box Bathroom (12″ x 12″)

The three major bathroom pieces (tub, toilet & sink) came from Carrie’s bin. They manage to look pretty good together despite not being the same scale.

My decor includes- William Morris inspired wallpapers & roller shade (Martha Stewart scrapbook papers), sisal carpet (printed paper), screen (doll house shutters hinged together), pendant (drawer knob covered with tissue wrapping paper), paintings (magazine cutouts) hung on a picture rail (wood skewers) by metal clips (earrings) and a rope hamper (twine covered plastic tube).

(Photos- Martha B.)

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5 thoughts on “More Small Scale Decorating #4

  1. This is so clever. I “love” it, Martha. My daughter-in-law has a doll house that she put together herself and is slowly furnishing it. I am going to send her your blog site. How generous of Carrie to give you her “bin”, thereby assisting you in making these adorable, creative rooms. So much fun!!! Thanks, Martha. Thanks, Carrie.

    1. Sandra- It’s a lot of fun. Make sure you visit Christine’s blog ‘Call of the Small’…you’ll enjoy her modern spin on doll houses.

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