More Small Scale Decorating #3

One nice thing about dollhouse decorating is that you can try out design ideas cheaply. I’ve always loved the thought of wallpapering a space in floor-to-ceiling maps. The printed paper of the roads in London from Blick was perfect. I didn’t bother trying to make my room too realistic. I hinted at it with the floating staircase and the leaning front door.

#3. Shipping Box Map Room (17″ x 13″)

The art store Blick also sold the base molding. The wood grain scrapbook paper came from Joann’s. The cast iron stove, brass coat rack, vase, old floral covered chair and door were all from my friend Carrie’s bin. The staircase model, red wire chair (CB2), yellow bench/table (Ikea), books/letters on the stove, rug (Calico Corners fabric sample) and the lamp (handmade from a bobby pin with blue post-it) are mine.

(Photos- Martha B.)

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  1. It is seriously mind boggling that that last pic (and all, of course) ~are in a BOX! Your “rooms” are my new favorite “desktops” for my laptop. !

    Always at home in your rooms.

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