More Small Scale Decorating

Last week I invited my friend Carrie for dinner. She not only came, but came bearing a gift- a plastic bin full of assorted dollhouse pieces and furniture. I couldn’t construct a whole dollhouse from them but that didn’t matter. I decided it would be more fun and challenging to create a series of vignettes using simple boxes from the Container Store.

#1. Shoe Box Kitchen (15″ x 7″)

The only complete set of furniture was this vintage kitchen c. 1930’s. Instead of repainting the pieces, I kept them the original yellow color. I worked with a depression era backdrop and bought papers that have an old look to them- a small print for the walls along with pages simulating linoleum for the floor and textured silver to act as sheet metal for behind the stove. Click image below to enlarge.

The accessories- wall phone, skillet, coke bottles, rolling pin, towel holder, hanging pendant and cup all came from Carrie’s box. The rest- 1932 calendar, towel and tray (under the frig) are mine.

(Photos- Martha B.)

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