Modern Romantic Stool

Inspiration- Colefax & Fowler floral print fabric covers a modern classic stool designed by Alvar Aalto.

D.I.Y.- Using some left over fabric and a similar stool from Ikea (Frosta, $14.99) I created my own version.

Here’s how-

1. Remove legs from the stool with an allen wrench. Lable them and the stool bottom with numbers so you can easily reassemble it.

2. Cut fabric to fit the stool seat. Leave about 2-3 inch over hang. You have the option to pad the seat with quilt batting. Just make sure to cut the batting slightly smaller than the seat. Take a staple gun and carefully work your way around the seat remembering to keep the fabric tight. Any staples that aren’t flush you can later tap in with a hammer.

3. Remove extra fabric with your scissors. Screw the legs back on.

(Inspiration photo- Don Freeman for World Of Interiors, May 1997. D.I.Y. photo- Martha B.)

Update 08/2017- Liberty Fabric & Anthropologie joined forces to create these side tables.



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    1. Linda- I’m very interested in this idea…romantic florals with modern furniture…and vice versa…graphic patterns with antiques.

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