Paper Craft

Recently, I bought an over-sized muffin at the local bakery and watched as the girl behind the counter placed it into a folded cardboard container. After Curtis removed and devoured the muffin, I took a closer look at the container. I loved the simplicity of the design but thought the exterior was too plain. I decided to reuse it as a pattern for some sheets of printed floral paper from Blick. My new daisy container is light weight…perfect for gifts of money (no coins) or some candy. But if you need it stronger, you could try spray-mounting the decorative paper onto card stock.

(Styling & Photo- Martha B.)


One thought on “Paper Craft

  1. I like it..the paper, the shape of the container. My daughter-in-law taught me how to make a paper box using a paper of card stock quality. Fun.
    But I really like the shape of this container better.

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