Photo Diary: 1-23-2012

(Photo ‘Open Doors’- Martha B.)


2 thoughts on “Photo Diary: 1-23-2012

  1. Great shot and great location. I love the way open doors suggest a story and that someone is about to enter. That is a house I would like to explore. And I am amazed at the shots of your son! He is certainly growing and changing. Lovely portraits.

    1. Linda- So nice to hear from you. :) About this house…several people have inquired whether or not it’s our home. No, it isn’t. The old place is about two blocks away and is currently waiting to be rented. It’s large…built in the late 1700’s- 1840. It had a barn on the property but it burned down many years ago. This shot is from the kitchen which steps up into the dining room and beyond that is the foyer/hallway (Photo Diary: 1-25-2012) Upstairs are a jumble of bedrooms and baths (~candid spaces~ January 23).

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