Garden Note #73: Plans For A Potting Shed

After dreaming of a garden potting shed for a decade, my husband and I are finally building one. Nothing too big, but not too small either…just something to hold a workbench with a sink and to store my garden tools, clay pots, etc. Yet I also want the structure to provide a few surprises.

The photo above is not of a shed but rather an outdoor privey designed by Swedish architect Pelle Lotén. What I love are the unexpected details of the angled roof and small window.

(Photo- Ake Sandsrom for World Of Interiors Magazine, March 1993)

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2 thoughts on “Garden Note #73: Plans For A Potting Shed

  1. Building a garden potting shed is going to be a fun project. I know it will be “pretty” and functional and fun! Check out Master Gardeners of Rockland’s website. My friend from high school, Eileen Bradford, is a Master Gardener of Rockland. At their website the new garden she constructed and planted this past Spring is under “Edible Gardening”. It is beautiful and delicious! She has a garden shed, too, but I’m not sure it is in the pictures. Anyway, check it out! Once you and Scott build the garden shed, maybe you’ll tackle a new garden construction! I know there are going to be some courses offered that are listed there, too. However, I cannot imagine you being able to do one more thing….

    1. BJ- Thanks for the information on this…I’ll definitely check it out. Scott and I have talked about using a portion of the backyard for vegetables (would love to grow pumpkins again!) using the shed as part of the design.

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