The New General Store- Holiday Event

On Saturday Margot and I drove to Long Island for ‘The New General Store-Holiday Event’ at the home of designer Tricia Foley. We left early and made the trip in under two hours- not bad for roads that are normally choked with traffic on week days.

Ms. Foley’s old home is set back from the road slightly hidden from view by hedges. We were greeted by one of her friends and ushered to the back of the house…

…where Ms. Folely was bustling around with last minute arrangements for food and decor. Everything was simple and beautiful with lots of white just as I imagined it would be. I got to meet Ms. Foley who was warm and gracious. She encouraged Margot and me to enjoy looking at the property and not to leave without taking a short walk down to her boathouse.

Among Ms. Foley’s guests were Matthew Mead (Thank you for signing my book!) and Jane Cumberbatch…both a pleasure to meet and speak with as well. The next event won’t be until summer. Margot and I have already made plans to be there. :)

(Photos by Martha B- back of Foley’s home with porch, outbuilding used for General Store & her boathouse)

Note- Check Margot’s blog to see more pictures. Thanks to Chelsea for the heads-up on this.

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10 thoughts on “The New General Store- Holiday Event

    1. Hi Anna- After seeing and reading so much about their work… I can’t tell you how nice it was to finally meet them in person.

  1. Hi Martha,
    What a nice blog! so nice of you and Margot to come out to Long Island for our holiday event…it was such a nice day and loved seeing so many old friends and new ones here …hope you’ll visit again in May!
    all best,

    1. Tricia- What a pleasant surprise to find you visiting Nibs! Margot and I had such a good time at your event and we look forward to the one in May. If there’s anything we can do to help…let us know. I make a tasty Dutch apple bread. :) Warm regards, Martha

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