Photography 101

There are lots of people taking photographs right now. And the internet is saturated with them. I’ve looked at thousands  of pictures…from classics found on the Life Archive and Magnum to sites for novices like Flickr. But I keep asking myself- what makes a really good photographer? One whose work stands apart from the others.

I’ve been told by a professional in the photography field that it’s not the camera…it’s the person behind the camera. You can own the most expensive equipment but it won’t guarantee museum-worthy photographs. He said that it’s important to have a good eye and practice all the time. Then find something you’re absolutely passionate about and photograph it.

As for me…I’m in Photography 101. I’m developing a good eye by taking pictures all the time however I haven’t found my passionate subject yet.

Do you love photography? What are you taking pictures of that you’re crazy about?

(Photo ‘Jack and his wife’- Martha B.)

2 thoughts on “Photography 101

  1. I like photography very much and am sorry for the ones I missed…local people in town that are no longer around. One gentleman would walk through town with his dog, unleashed, right behind him. I always wanted to take a picture of him and his dog and never did. People, places and things…
    Some of the places are gone, too, as on Chestnut Ridge Road in Woodcliff Lake. Tice Farms is no longer there and across the street from Tice two older farm houses, as I recall them, stood before Van Ripers farm going north on Chestnut Ridge Road. One was a “country” store that sold candy, quilts, etc. I’m not sure about the other. Down the road from them on the same side was a barn with antiques. The gentleman who owned it was Howard Mackenzie (I think ). His place would have been across from Don’s Sunoco on Chestnut Ridge Road. I am sorry I didn’t take pictures of those places. It did enter my mind to do so at the time but never did!

    The “things” that I like to take are pictures of the daylilies in my garden and the other flowers. That’s it!

    1. BJ- Yes…I remember the way Tice Farms used to look. All gone now. There was another very old farm over in Rivervale that was torn down within the last five years. Are you familiar with it? I could kick myself for not photographing it when I had the chance.

      Next spring I’ll have to stop by to see your Daylilies!

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