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Garden Note #72: Anemone

I knew that by the time I got back from my trip to North Carolina the Anemone blossoms in the garden would be gone. Over the weekend I made a huge bouquet for myself to enjoy.

(Photo- Martha B.)

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A Fall Break

Nibs Readers,

This is just to let you know that I’ll be away for the next two weeks visiting my family in North Carolina.

Posting will resume November 2.

Warm regards,

Wedding Inspiration- Vintage Photo #2

I enjoy searching through Ebay and Flickr for pictures of complete strangers and their weddings. Here’s one from 1940 that I like. It’s a nice candid shot of the bride and groom with their friends posing in front of a classic Ford car. The image has some personal touches- it’s hand painted (with pink flowers/ dress and blue neckties) and is framed in an Art Deco inspired mat.

Wedding Fashion Details-

Men’s twill weave double-breasted suit jacket– Paul Fredrick

Antique car- 1940 black Ford

Short silk chiffon dress– saja

Climbing rose lariat– BHLDN

Shoulder length veil– Etsy

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The Short Wedding Dress Club- October 2011

What started out as a fun article on short wedding dresses became an email club for almost two years. As of September 2010, the monthly inspired short dress is now a regular feature on ‘Nibs.’

Fashion details- Cream colored lace dress with 3/4 quarter sleeves by Eve Gravel. Click image to enlarge.

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Ivy Covered House

A couple of Nibs readers wanted to see what the old yellow house looked like covered in ivy. This shot is of the side facing the street. The pictures I posted of Hillary and Hope shows them at the back of the house. Click image to enlarge.

(Photo- Martha B.)

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Nibs Fashion Photo Shoot #6

I’ve passed this old yellow house countless times and always with the thought of using it as a backdrop for some fashion photos. Last weekend I got together with friends Hillary, Hope and Margot for an impromptu clothing session- all of us brought a bunch of stuff from our closets. Margot put on her ‘Mamas & Papas’ tape and before long Hillary (left) and Hope (right) were dressed in 1970’s inspired outfits. And I knew just where I wanted to photograph them! Click top image to enlarge.

Photographs & Layout- Martha B.

Styling- Martha B., Margot K., Hope G., and Hillary H.

Makeup- Hope G. and Hillary H.

Models- Hope G. and Hillary H.

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qUiRkY sTuFf

As a kid I spent hours creating some really quirky stuff. Most of it didn’t serve a purpose other than satisfying my own curiosity of how it would look. Do I still make this kind of stuff? I’m afraid so.  :)

(Photo- Martha B.)

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