Woman Photographer- Dorothea Lange

A Brief Biography

1895 Dorothea Margartta Nutzhorn was born on May 25 in Hoboken, New Jersey.

1902 She contracts polio which leaves her with a withered right leg and noticeable limp.

1907- 1913 Dorothea’s father abandons the family forcing her to move in with a grandmother (until she is twenty-three.) She changes her surname Nutzhorn to Lange– her mother’s maiden name. Dorothea graduates from high school with a desire to study photography.

1918- 1920 She leaves on a whim to see the world only to have her money stolen in San Francisco. She’s forced to find work in photo finishing. This unexpected event sets the stage for a life in photography. Dorothea marries painter Maynard Dixon.

1930- 1939 The Depression hits. She decides to venture on to the streets to document the life around her. Dorothea divorces Maynard and marries Paul Taylor Schuster, professor of agricultural economics at the University of California.

1940 Her pictures are exhibited for the first time at the Museum of Modern Art.

1941- 1942 Dorothea is awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship. At the outbreak of World War ll she photographs the internment camps of Japanese Americans.

1945-1950 Her work is interrupted due to illness.

1952 Life Magazine hires her and fellow photographer Ansel Adams to do ‘Three Mormon Towns.’

1955 She participates in the exhibition ‘The Family of Man‘ with nine of her images.

1956- 1964 Dorothea travels abroad to Europe and Asia working constantly.

1964 While preparing for a retrospective of her pictures, she dies of cancer on October 11.

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(Portrait of Lange by Rondel Partridge, 1936. Camera- Ebay)

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