Decorating@Nibs- Fireplace Mantels

Last week I got word that the homeowners wanted back into their place and I’d have to remove my stuff from the room I was using to photograph this mantel series. I was disappointed since I had planned to do six more. Oh well…it was fun while it lasted.

Fireplace Mantel #12Christmas In The Pine Tree State

I pared down to just a few objects for this Christmas display but made sure they were all interesting and/or had plenty of texture. By the way, if you’re wondering what the pine tree state is…it’s Maine. :)

1. Fabric wallcovering has the look of burlap

2. Large pine cone wreath

3. Vintage tourist plate from Maine

4. & 5. Brass holders with candles resembling tree branches

6. Plaid fabric sample hung by curtain rings (this idea came from a short article on wool textiles in World of Interiors Magazine)

7. Antique woven chair

8. I bought the Christmas pine tree on sale at Crate & Barrel. The ornaments I made from old photographs, scanned onto cardstock and then glued to stained embroidery hoops.

A peek at a new series- place settings!

(Styling & photos- Martha B.)

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4 thoughts on “Decorating@Nibs- Fireplace Mantels

  1. I just spent the weekend in Maine!! The Way Life Should Be, is the state motto. So true. Happy Summer Martha. I will look forward to your return in September!

    1. Margot- Lucky girl! I haven’t been to Maine in quite a while…maybe it’s time I do a road trip there.

    1. Debbie- Thanks for the complement. ‘Nibs’ is a creative work in progress. :)

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