Fashion Characters

“When it comes to individual style it is easy to put other people into categories, but where do you fit in? Do you identify with any of these fashion profiles, or recognize your style overlapping into several characters? It is not a definitive list, but a lighthearted checklist of individual looks that live through the volatile flights of fashion. If each character appears to own an extensive wardrobe, it is because she represents the archetype of a style…”

Fashion Character #2. The Country Girl

“…The wardrobe has to meet the demands of a country lifestyle. It needs comfortable, practical clothes to suit the surroundings and stand up to the elements…”

“…Her style has a timeless charm that ignores the whims of fashion. Loyal to country classics, she chooses tweeds, sheepskin, Shetlands and thick cottons in soft colours that echo the landscape…”

“…But she does have clothes for all occasions; for grand country evenings and garden parties as well as gardening and muddy hikes…”

“…Much of the time is spent in trousers and gumboots, although the country girl never looks rugged from head to toe…”

– Kate Hogg, author of Vogue’s Even More Dash Than Cash, 1989.

(Photos- Ondori Knitting Book)

Note- Anna Allen is a Country Girl.

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