Fashion Characters

“When it comes to individual style it is easy to put other people into categories, but where do you fit in? Do you identify with any of these fashion profiles, or recognize your style overlapping into several characters? It is not a definitive list, but a lighthearted checklist of individual looks that live through the volatile flights of fashion. If each character appears to own an extensive wardrobe, it is because she represents the archetype of a style..”

Fashion Character #1. The Tomboy

“…Her style is drawn from the most coveted elements of a man’s wardrobe- quiet classics with a nonchalant ease, underlined by their natural texture and subtle colour…”

“…It is a relaxed look that recalls the uncontrived glamour of Katharine Hepburn’s khacki trousers and  crisp white shirts- mannish but not to the extreme…”

“…The tomboy likes tailored clothes providing they are supple and unconstricting, worn on the large size for comfort…”

– Kate Hogg, author of Vogue’s Even More Dash Than Cash, 1989.

(Photos- Eric Guillemain via Fashion Gone Rogue)

Note- Here’s a blog dedicated to Tomboy Style.

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