Decorating@Nibs- Fireplace Mantels

I thought it would be a fun challenge to do a collection of posts on decorating. Not whole room renovations mind you, but rather smaller, more manageable projects. First up will be a bunch of ideas for decorating fireplace mantels. So…check back as I’ll be posting a new mantel arrangement each week. I hope these will provide lots of inspiration.

Fireplace Mantel Idea #7- In The Pink

Pink, long associated with a little girl’s bedroom, makes a surprising and vibrant backdrop for a few, select items on this fireplace mantel.

1. Pink wall covering is bordered in Micheal’s Craft Store ribbon (brown with pink stitches)

2. Paper lantern from Pier 1 Imports

3. White craft paper attached to the shelf edge

4. Nest

5. Vintage drawing c. 1900

6. Old frame has carved leaves in the corners

7. Book & pink framed reading glasses

8. Faux bois vase by artist Sherry Olsen

9. Gun metal bird feet

The antique wood table holds a stack of my favorite magazine- The World of Interiors.

A peek at next week’s mantel!

(Styling & photos- Martha B.)

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4 thoughts on “Decorating@Nibs- Fireplace Mantels

  1. What a beautiful facelift to the fire place. Using simple things gives it a whole new look.

    1. Thanks Linda. These posts are a lot of fun…reminds me of my years working for Nordstrom as a display person…doing at that time eight large store windows, six smaller entry windows and six museum cases every three weeks. Whew! Our crew of four sure cranked them out! This is just a mini version of a window that changes weekly…:)

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