The Chrisman Sisters

“My parents came here in the spring of 1883 from Nemaha Co. Nebraska- with their family of seven children- 3 sons and 4 daughers came through with five wagons. From there we all journeyed on together to Broken Bow. My father had been here- and filed on land north of B.B. about 14 miles. There were not many settlers there as that time plenty of gov. land- so my older brothers and sisters all took up land adjoining which took in several thousand acres of such wonderful range and hay…”– Ruth Chrisman

The Chrisman sisters (left to right– Hattie, Lizzie, Lutie & Ruth) in Custer County, Nebraska, 1886.

(Photo from book-‘ Solomon D. Butcher: Photographing the American Dream‘)


2 thoughts on “The Chrisman Sisters

    1. Linda- I read in the book ‘Solomon D. Butcher: Photographing the American Dream’ we have the misconception that because life was hard then, that some how people were unhappy. And just the opposite was true. Yes…many failed at farming and had to leave. But many stayed, worked the land and were very content. I wonder why we Americans…with all that we have…aren’t as satisfied as our ancestors?

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