StyleFile#59: Details From John Derian’s Home

Decoupage artist John Derian bought a wonderful, old house in Provincetown, Massachusetts and has left it blissfully untouched. Here are just a few details that I love-

1. Texan tumbleweed fills an unused 19th century fireplace. On the mantle is a wooden rope bed key (used to tight the rope supports in colonial beds), a collage by Paul Lee and a vintage seascape painting. A bright blue painted floor has drops of other colors done with a dry brush.

2. The previous owner’s wallpaper is left intact to provide a backdrop for a 19th century tufted French bench & c. 1850 tattered horsehair and muslin chair. Check out the wood block that stands in for a coffee table.

3. An early 1800’s American dining table does double duty- as surface for meals and a place for impromptu games of ping pong!

4. Not only does this antique round butcher block table look great but it also helps provide a spot in a kitchen with limited counter space.

5. Why cover up a beautiful maple bed with a canopy or dust ruffle? Some other unexpected touches include replacing the predictable bedspread with a vintage sari and using an 1800’s French washstand for a side table.

(Photos- 2,4&5 by Eric Boman for American Vogue Living. 1 &3 by Martyn Thompson for Australian Vogue Living)

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