How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

I had a surge of creative energy today and decided to decorate our attic guest room for Christmas. Guess who wanted to join the fun? Our dog Jasper isn’t allowed on the furniture or beds in the house but…hey, how could I resist a face like that?!

Update- Several of you asked about the pillow fabric. The winter scene is from a painting done by Artist Grandma Moses. She gave rights to the Riverdale Company to reproduce her work on fabric from 1950 through 1967. Check ebay or etsy for something similar.

(Photos- Martha B.)

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10 thoughts on “How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

  1. What a wonderful spot; I would never want to leave. And you’ve managed to find the perfect yellow paint. I think it is a very difficult color to use well, but you’ve done it.

    I love all those wedding dresses from the mags you bought. I am so hooked on some of those styles still. Thanks for posting them.

    1. Thanks Linda. The attic is one of my favorite places in our home. When we bought our old house the attic space was just used for storage…it even had a portion of the roof in it. The section where the bed is had loose floor boards and just one window. My husband and I gutted it…right down to the studs…and then put it back together. I added to the design several built-ins…bed, shelves, bench, bulletin board, and storage under the eves. I used paint in three different shades of yellow: trim- ‘Andover Cream’, walls- ‘Lady Banksia’ and accents- ‘Asian Jute’…from Historic Colors of America by California Paints. Ceiling is ‘China White’ by Benjamin Moore.

      PS- My son Curt is trying to persuade me to let him have the attic for his bedroom…so, it may not look like this next Christmas.

      I find these wedding dresses from the 1970’s refreshing…lots of nice details.

    1. Thanks, Rouenna. There’s a built-in bench in the attic you may like too. I’ll get some photos and post it soon. :)

  2. what type of dog is jasper? he looks a lot like our briard, vivi.
    i found your blog while looking for pictures of farm sinks. we have a ca. 1885 house and recently bought a 36″ sink from the ’10s to go in our kitchen. do you have any pictures of your sink? i’d love to see!

    1. Natalie- Our dog Jasper is an American Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier.

      I’m preparing some future posts about our kitchen which has our big cast iron sink. Stay tuned. :)

    1. Natalie- Maybe Vivi is a long lost relative of Jasper’s! :) Our dog isn’t sporting the traditional Wheaten hair cut…long hair, beard and fall (front bangs) but rather he’s groomed short…easier to maintain especially in the winter.

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