True Grit

True Grit‘ by Charles Portis first appeared as a serial for ‘The Saturday Evening Post’ in 1968. Later that year it was put in book form. A hastily adapted script was written for a western film in 1969 starring John Wayne. He went on to win an Academy Award for his portrayal of Rooster Cogburn. Several remakes and sequels followed. Opening this week in our local theater is the latest one by the Coen brothers starring Jeff Bridges, Matt Damon and rising star Haile Steinfeld.

Fashion Details-

1. Heather tweed overcoat– Ebay

2. Boots- Yuketen

3. Distressed leather belt– J.Crew

4. Rounded felt hat– Rag & Bone

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Update 1/22/2011- Another gritty western has to be ‘The Naked Spur‘ directed by Anthony Mann. If you haven’t seen it yet…rent it! I’d love to see how the Coen brothers would remake this one.


The Short Wedding Dress Club- December 2010 (#2)

Fashion details- Silk crepe dress has chiffon sleeves with contrasting black back zipper available at Troubadour. White fur ear muffs from Fur Hat World.

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How Much Is That Doggie In The Window?

I had a surge of creative energy today and decided to decorate our attic guest room for Christmas. Guess who wanted to join the fun? Our dog Jasper isn’t allowed on the furniture or beds in the house but…hey, how could I resist a face like that?!

Update- Several of you asked about the pillow fabric. The winter scene is from a painting done by Artist Grandma Moses. She gave rights to the Riverdale Company to reproduce her work on fabric from 1950 through 1967. Check ebay or etsy for something similar.

(Photos- Martha B.)

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Christmas Donkey

When Curtis was little I would take him to our local plant nursery to see the animals they brought in for the month of December. This consisted of a horse, a llama, a cow, sheep, goats, and our favorite…a donkey. My son is now fourteen- an age where livestock are less of an attraction. I ended up going by myself yesterday. I realize it’s another snippet in my child’s life that I’ll have to accept as a memory of Christmas past.

(Photo- Martha B.)

Katie Brown

I love taking the ugliest spaces possible and making them pretty. The more disgusting the space, the more excited I get.” This came from an expert at DIY Katie Brown about her weekend house back in 2003. According to Katie it was bad- pistachio green kitchen, eight sets of sliding glass doors and enough florescent lighting to make your hair stand on end. A friend advised her that she should tear it down. But she thought better and began the task of breathing new life into the place. Buckets of white paint covered walls and beams. French doors  replaced the sliding glass ones. She challenged herself also with finding furniture through thrift stores and the Salvation Army. The same went for Christmas decorating. Katie skipped fancy for “natural, simple and clean“- pinecone ornaments came from Target and the burgundy bows for her tree from Lowe’s home improvement. “They just felt right.” she said.

(Photos- Elle Decor)